What we do

Manivane’s overall goal is to establish cultural bridges between Latin-America, Africa and Europe, bringing people together. This is why we offer :

  • to participate in the organization of events around the cinema (development laboratories, international co-production forums, screenwriting training, festivals and screenings…)
  • to collaborate on film development, production and distribution
    • Raising funds and filling French CNC grant applications
    • Supporting film production and distribution
    • Developing communication strategies for film release
    • Setting up public events
  • written and oral translation services from Portuguese and Spanish to French, using English as a working language
    • Translating and subtitling for rushes, short and features film, interviews, DVD bonus or any audiovisual content
    • Translating script, grant applications or any marketing document
    • Transcription and translation for interviews, rushes, or any audiovisual content
    • Live translation (simultaneous and consecutive) for film festivals, film set, newspaper or radio interviews, public or private meetings…
Festival de Biarritz 2020